Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Risk action plan

Today we had to go in groups of four with a year six that took a risk last week as a coach. They gave a sheet of paper to fill in. It had learning risks on it and we had to rate them. Nine being easiest and one being hardest. Then we got another sheet of paper and we had to write down a risk action plan.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Self portraits

This term we have been working on our calendar art. For our calander art we did self portraits. For the backround of them we had to divide it into sections and in each section we had to draw or paint something that meant something to us. We had to do it with a wide range of media. E.g pastel, paint, pencil.

Feedback:I like how you took your time on your art.
Feedforward:next time be a bit more creative.
- Ruby😋🐈🦄
Evaluation: next time I will use my imagine little bit more and I might put a unicorn instead of the koala. This task was hard because most of the art sessions I was away so I had to make the most of the sessions I had.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

E Te Reo

In E Te Reo we have been looking at different whakatauki. A whakatauki is Maori for proverb, a proverb is like a quote or something that has a deeper meaning than what you think. One of the whakatauki was... He aha te mea nui o the ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata! Which means... What is the most important thing? The people, the people, the people! The most important thing is people because if it was air not people what would be the point because there would be no people. .For this whakatauki we made a poster with people on it that we drew. This is all of them...
This is me...
Feedback...i like how you made sure you added all the little details. time make it a little bigger.-Ruby

Evaluation... Thanks ruby! I didn't know how big all the rest of the people would be which is why its so small. I found it hard to do my hair because I wanted to put lots of detail in it so it looked like real hair.