Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Design thinking

Today for design thinking we made planes ( again ). We are going to fly them and see who wins. Last time I came last. We made plans then we made the planes. I made two on was a normal paper plane and the other was a price of folded up paper with a balloon on it but the balloon popped 😢 so I had to use the other one. Here is my plane...
This was easy because I had what I needed and I had my plan. 

Match stick algebra

Today and yesterday in maths James gave us an algebra work sheet about patterns. We had to describe the patterns of on the work sheet mathematically. Then beneath that was a question like... How many match sticks would you need if this pattern is repeated 13 times? Here are the work sheets.

Feedback: I like your way of figuring out the question of this task.
Feedforward: I can't think of anything you need to work on. :);) Emma M

I found these work sheets hard so I asked Telaina to explain it to me and then it was easier.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

How sea turtles grow into adults

For our writing workshop we had to make a non-fiction story on how sea turtles grow into adults. We watched a Ted-ed video on how sea turtles grow into adults. Then we had to make a plan. Then we had to make a draft about it then we had to publish it. This is my story...
Feedback: I like how you made a piccollage of your writing so it was shorter.
Feedforward: next time on the piccollage you should make the writing bigger. 
Maria 😋 
Thanks Maria, next time I will make the writing bigger.

 I found it easy to re-write it on pages because I had  the story right in front of me so I could re-write it on the Ipad.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Seed 2 table portfolio post


This week for seed to table I was involved in making the potato bake with the rest of my group. First we had to chop the leeks grate the cheese and peel the potatoes. I helped with peeling the potatoes. Then we washed the potatoes and after that Eli, Aria and I fried the leeks while the rest of my group were cutting the potatoes. Then we put the potatoes in a pan and put the milk/cream on it then we added the leeks and the cheese. Now it is cooking. 😋
Feedback:I like how you got involved in making the POTATO bake.
Feedforward:didn't notice anything wrong ❌-Ruby 

Evaluation: I found it hard to peel the potato's because I am horrible at peeling potato's.


For the science part of seed to table we are growing our own plants. I am growing baby carrots. First we got some seeds then we put two paper towels in a tray of water and put them on a tea towel. Then we put the seeds on the paper towel and folded it like an envelope. Then we got a plastic zip lock bag and put the paper towel in then labeled it with our name, the date and the type of seed.😋

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

sport start

EAbove is my video of Maria and I playing gateways. Gateways is a game where you have two cone a metre apart from each other then you have a ball to throw to your partner. You throw the ball five times then you go to another gateway and do the same thing. 
Feedback :  I loved the way you were doing small that you could actually catch
Feedforward:  I think you can try different throwing techniques 
Evaluation: next time I will try different throwing techniques. I found it easy to do small throws that Maria could catch.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Douglas Park Sports Exchange Interview portfolio post

This week we made a news report on the Douglas park sports exchange. We had to work in buddy's so I went with maria. We had three questions asked, these were the questions, 1. tell us about Douglas park sports exchange, what were you involved in. 2. What was your highlight of the day and why?  3. What challenges did you face and how did you deal with them?
Feedback: you had good answers.
Feedforward: you could have spoke a little louder.
Evaluation: I found it easy to have all my answers because I had my book with them in it. It was hard to speak loud but I will try harder to do that next time.

E Te Reo portfolio post

In E Te Reo we have been working on identifying the Maori names of things you use at the table. Ruby, Libby and I made a lift the flaps game. We choose two foods each and cut them out then painted them their colour. Then we taped the top on and lifted it up and wrote the Maori name underneath. Here is a photo of the game...
Feedback I love how you made them look like the real things
Feedforward: next time you could add more food

Evaluation: I found it hard to make the foods look like what they were, mostly the egg because we had no brown paint. Next time I will add more food to it.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Weather science

Every three weeks we have a different science focus. This week we are focusing on weather with Troy. Maria and I have chosen to explore how volcanoes erupt. We chose to do the Coke and mentors experiment but Maria forgot to bring the Coke. Here is a link to how volcanoes erupt... https://www2.usgs.gov/faq/categories/9819/2729
We made a Google slide together about how they erupt. Here is the link to the slide that we made...
Kian and Sam did the same experiment as us and they remembered to bring the things they needed so they got to do it. Here is a link to the video of what they did... 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Maths test: Knowledge

On Monday last week we got a maths knowledge test to do. I got 48% out of 100% but last time I only got 34% so I did a lot better this time. This time I did the easy ones first rather then the harder ones so I got more done. Here is a photo of my test.
Feedback:Good job on getting a better percentage than last time
Feed forward: Try to put things in the right way around 😉
Abby 😋
I found this test hard because I was a little pressured but I was a lot more confident than last time because I had a better strategy.

Cross country goal

My goal for cross country this year is to get in the top five because I always get eighth or ninth and I want to get into the inter - schools. I will achieve this by trying my hardest to run the whole time and pace myself.