Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Writing 2016

Description: in class we had to write a story about camp. I chose to write to entertain because I think I am good at writing to entertain and last year I mostly wrote to inform or about my self. This is my story.

What goes on behind the doors of boys cabin...

"Hey Nic" I yell "hey Ro-bro!" He reply's in his thick kiwi accent. We are at El Rancho having morning tea. Soon I'll be going kayaking with Emma and Troy. It's going to be soo much fun!
I can hardly wait! As I walk past Oregon lodge I hear some one yelling as the nights by avicci plays in the background. Strange. Very strange. Extremely strange. I shrug my shoulders and make my way back to poplar lodge.
                                                          ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

I'm in my cabin telling Maria ruby and Emma about what I heard coming from cabin two in Oregon lodge " wow " they say in unison "I know " I reply, getting changed. Nic knocks on the door and opens it as I'm facing the window half nude "AHHHHHHHHHH" Nic and I scream at the same time. Nic runs away screaming while I'm running around our cabin like a headless chicken. " get changed Rosie" Emma yells at me. I get changed in record time then run into the bathroom and hide there. Soon enough it's dinner time. I go and sit with ruby and Maria not noticing Nic is there too. As soon as I see him I say " umm Troy and Emma look a little bit lonely, I'll go and sit with them" I rush over to their table and give a loud sigh of relief as I sit down.

                                                      ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

That night I wake up hearing the trumpet solo of love yourself coming from... Cabin two... In Oregon lodge! Is this a coincidence?!?!? I wake Emma and Maria up ( Ruby is IMPOSSIBLE to wake up) but I know there is no need to tell them... They can hear it too. In the morning Maria and I tell Nic about the strange music " oh that's just your imagination running wild" he tells us, but that just makes us even more suspicious...
                                                       ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

While we are on the horses we see Nic running around like a lunatic... WITHOUT A  SHIRT.  " umm Nic... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I say trying my hardest to stay calm " I thought I was in my cabin" he tells us then sprints away at top speed. After that it's free time. We are told that only the girls were allowed in their cabins. Ruby, Maria, Emma, and I share knowing glances

                                                       ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️

We creep onto the dank deck of the boys cabin. As we walk into cabin two I slip on a pair of slimy grey underwear " AHHHHHHH" I yell before falling onto my fabulous face " EWW" the others cringe in discust. I get back up and wearily walk into the gross cabin. It smelt of rotten eggs and smelly socks. " just a second" says Maria she runs of to get some pegs and sponges to put on our precious little noses. We put them on before courageously sauntering into the cabin. We rummage around in their suitcases and find some deo. We spray the Lynx around so it doesn't stink so much. " I'm do not want to finish this job from inside the cabin" Emma tells us " neither" we all agree. We carefully evacuate the building as if the fire alarm had just gone off. We decide to spy on them from the outside while they are on the inside. So we do just that...

                                                         ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️ let's just say that Nic decided to make the boys cabin " haunted " and trash it because ummm... We have no idea but we are trying to get that out of him. Also the boys were trying to make a trap for the ghost (Nic). The animal control got called for some WEIRD reason. Oh wait that's because if the wild chicken! Anyway the doors to the cabin got a special security system on them and you could get things scanned to see what you had ( you weren't aloud food or drink in the cabins unless an adult says so). They all enjoyed the rest of camp but every time they went back to El Rancho they remembered the strange happenings of.. CAMP 2016!
                                            THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🦄

Feedback:I think you did really well
Feed forward: I think it could be a little bit shorter
Thanks Caitlin
Evaluation: I think I did well. The easy part was making everything up. The hard part was re- typing it on the iPad. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Description: on Monday afternoons when the kapa haka kids have gone Elly and Troy do Ē Te Reo with the other kids. In Ē Te Reo we have been making our whakapapa  (family tree) then we had to label them in the Maori names e.g Koro under your grand father. This is my complete whakapapa 
    Feedback: I like how you can see your whole family:) Maria 
    Feedforward: next time you could draw some characters for 
Your family 😀
Evaluation: thanks Maria!  I think I did well on  the  Maori names  because I have barely any experience in Maori language. The hard part was naming everyone because my family is large and complicated. 
The easy part was putting on the Maori names

Camp goals

Description: for camp we all need two goals to accomplish, a personal goal and a group goal.
My group goal is to take risks and my group goal is to make new friends.



Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 Camp dairy portfolio post

Description: on camp we had a series of activities that we did throughout the week, this included the pool, archery, mini golf, the water slide, the slip 'n' slide, rifles, horses, low ropes, kayaks, rafts and team initiative. Camp was at El Rancho in Waikanae.
Feed back:you did a great job laying it all out
Feed forward: maybe next time try using pencil so you can make it look tidier. Telaina 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016

Description: this year we all decided on a word to work on throughout the year. Once we decided  on our word we got a photo taken of ourselves pretending to hold a sign. Then we made a blog post about our one word. Then we did a post on Twitter about it. Finally we got to know what the photo was for. We were making a poster with us holding a sign saying our word and we would put it on the back wall of p4 so it had to be Colourfull and bright. 
    Feed forward: I think next time you could make it colour coordinated.
    Feed back : I think you did nice pictures and that they go with the words.
    Thanks Harriet
    Evaluation: The easy part was planning, the hard part was getting the good copy perfect and next 
    time I would make the colours go better together.