Wednesday, 16 September 2015


In maths my group has been learning to add and subtract fractions and decimals. Our next step is to multiply them. 
We are also learning that the answer dosen't matter as much as how we got the answer.
I got the answer by splitting the 0.8 which made it easier to add together.
This is a problem with fractions

6 and four tenths + five eighths =eighty eight eightyths 

Monday, 14 September 2015


This is one of the artefacts that I made in reading about the moiriori.
In reading I have been learning to share my learning by making artefacts and  one minute movies.
To make this artefact I had to make the rock first then I had to glue it onto the paper. Then I Coulored the paper blue and yellow.  I made it to show my learning about the moiriori. I leared that when there was lots of moiriori a chief called nunuku made a law that there would be no more fighting.

Toku Tinana

We are learning the body parts in Maori.