Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Diary writing sample

Week 2 30.7.2015
This term in writing we have been focusing on flight.Last Friday we made monster feet and we decorated them with manipulated paper.This is my monster foot.It was fun making them because it was creative and I  like being creative.
Also in writing we have been making forest pictures.This is mine so far.In our forest pictures we 
have been putting in some collage.

Today a man called rob came to room seven to fly his drone and show us what the school looks like
from above.We got to see the feild the play ground and more.Afterwards we did some writing about flight.
This term we are making our own costumes for our production.Im making a cloud costume because we have to do it on flight.the hard part is making them unique because Ruby was doing an owl and I wanted to do one too but I had to restart.the easy part is probably making the diary because you can put down all your ideas and sort them out easily.In our diaries we have a page for designs,a page for the  things that we need to work on most a page for the things that we need for our costume and a page for what we need to make our costumes.this is what I hope it will look like when I'm done
Last Friday we started to work on our costumes.I got most of my clouds done.
Yellow hat-I was glad that I got most of my clouds done.Black hat-the only thing that went wrong was that at the end some of the paint on one of them chipped off.Red hat-I feel good about what I did because I expected that I would do less work than what I actually did.Green hat-If I could change anything I would  change the paint because its a bit flaky.White hat-now I know that paint doesn't work very well on the packaging material that I used but it still looks alright.Blue hat-next time I will finish off the clouds and work on my head band and start my shoes if I have time.this is what I have done so far.

This is what I have done so far on my costume.I have to finish the shoes,the mask and I am going to have sparkles in my hair.I think that I have done well because I am almost done and it is the last week. I also have been working hard to get it finished. This is what it was going to look like origanaly.
This is the story that I'm trying to tell in my costume. I am up in the clouds and it's raining. The light bounces onto the raindrops as they fall to the ground.I see clouds all around me.The sun makes the rain glint and shimmer. It is a flight through the rain.

This is my finished wearable art costume. I am proud of it because I worked really hard on it and put a lot of effort into it. My favourite part of it is the mask. I like the sparkles most.The sparkles are rain.
I also like the stick because of the buttons.